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Thoughts on “Bow Down/ I Been On”?

We want to know, so tell us please!!! lol

  1. gikenga answered: its a different approach for beyonce but i love it
  2. wragdoll answered: it’s what goes through my head when i walk into college.
  3. chollin answered: I feel it’s too out of the persona she has created…and strangely Keyshia Cole was right. She was hitting those soprano High C’s though!
  4. queenbida answered: soooooo diivaaa
  5. bohofolk answered: FUCKING INCREDIBLE. S’ALL IMMA SAY.
  6. beyandbey answered: A M A Z I N G !! she’s definitely back to snatch some wigs eheh
  7. sexdrugsnfairies answered: loved that raspiness in her voice
  8. chvxs answered: She’s going innnnn ! Love it !
  9. mind-over-mel answered: i don’tknow how i feel about the song..im a nig fan of Bey. This song sounds like everything else out there
  10. jayoncecute answered: aAMAZING
  11. iam-shawntok answered: DOPE SHIT. LOVE IT!
  12. ianbanksmonteith answered: I don’t like so much Bow Down, but I don’t want to judge until the album come out! I love the beat of I Been On :)
  13. houseofbeyonce answered: It’s fucking amazing shit!
  14. breakowt answered: Bow Down will be my summer anthem.
  15. cyclicaltrendss answered: she a gangsta
  16. candie-leonhart answered: Queen Bey just sent out a PSA for all the thirsty tricks to get the sense slapped back into their heads that she is the standard. dont forget
  17. t-a-l-ksmack answered: amazing as always
  18. nstantremedy answered: LOVEEEEEE
  19. dezigner-drugz answered: I’m obsessed, I love everything, even though the songs are not complete. the little “opera” part omg loved it! I can’t wait for more!
  20. everygirlneedstiffanys answered: loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  21. agirlnamedraven answered: next level perfect
  22. foreverawkwardddd answered: I LOVE this song, been listening to it all damn day.
  23. briasharda18 answered: I love it!!!!! I love Bey’s ratchet and cocky side!!!
  24. upgradeyous answered: it’s goo now but would be better if it’s featuring JAY-Z! lol, it’s really good ;A:
  25. breakofnight answered: love it.I think it’s a part of the theme, like an intro track to the album. Its creative and haters can hate just like she knows they will:)
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  27. tresemenicole answered: She has given me life.
  28. fellow-outkast answered: i feel like its what the world has been waiting on, for beyonce to step out of her character and give response to the lesser, I LOVE IT <3
  29. iamvivaglam answered: I love the beat, but I wish the rapper part was in her original voice as opposed to auto-tuned and toned down to sound like a guy.
  30. letsradiatelove answered: It’s nothing like we’ve heard of her and I love that!! I’m completely obsessed with it.
  31. got-yonce answered: i think its amazing but countdown it still the best
  32. helptoomanyobsessions answered: LOVE IT!
  33. reachtherunway answered: everythinggggggggg and more! especially after i heard the unpitched version. My life has been slayed… every time i listen i love it more!!!
  34. ldslight answered: It’s different but I love it! She ain’t playing no games! Bow Down is my shit tho. Now I need the new single!
  35. bestdressedguy answered: BOW DOWN BITCHES. But forreal, SHE BEEN ON. Ain’t a damn person take her off.
  36. dancerholic93 answered: Let’s just say I’ve been beefing it up for about 7hrs!!!! I LOVE IT!!!
  37. champion3207 answered: It surprised and I love it!!!!!!!!!
  38. ayyobiitch answered: The Trap-Opera influences were almost flawless. I wasn’t a fan of the pitched-down self rapping, but then again, it’s not a single. So 6/10
  39. sehvn answered: aint listened to no other song since it dropped
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